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Launched in Manchester in 2018, Attirecare blends safe antibacterial compounds with essential oils and other organic ingredients, to create liquids and sprays with impressive cleansing power. 

The mission of Attirecare founders Sebastian Collinge and Abigail Brookes was to bring eco-conscious artisanal luxury into domestic cleaning tasks. The brand developed refreshing scents and hard-working formulations to breathe new life into your clothing and interiors. Sweet jasmine and floral orange blossom are mainstays of the range, and the signature Cepano fragrance takes its inspiration from Italian figs and ale. These invigorating aromas are particularly beneficial for furniture, and an Attirecare upholstery spray will neutralise lingering odours while also fighting bacteria.

If it's your footwear that's in need of a little TLC, you can pick out one of the brand's specialised shoe care formulas – deodorants, shoe protectors and cleaning solutions are available. A selection of highly effective fabric care products will bring your favourite shirt, dress or rug back from the brink with fast-acting cleansing and freshening ingredients. These expertly-crafted formulations offer effective odour neutralisation and stain or grease removal, without causing any structural damage to your fabrics.




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