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Zoom Maxbone Eco Packable Sling Dog Carrier in Black Sticks & Socks
Zoom Maxbone Eco Packable Sling Dog Carrier in Black Sticks & Socks Dog Shop
Zoom Maxbone Eco Packable Sling Dog Carrier in Black Sticks & Socks Ancoats
Zoom Maxbone Eco Packable Sling Dog Carrier in Black Luxury Dog Store Sticks & Socks

Made using water bottles & recycled nylon fabric. This Maxbone eco packable sling dog carrier bag is the perfect bag, but with less waste. In addition to being eco-friendly, our first ever sling carrier packs up into a small included pouch for easy travel and storage. In this carrier, your tiny dog will feel cozy and right at home.

- Two zipper pockets to fit cell phone and essentials

- Drawstring cinch to customize fit to your dog

- When in use, cinch loose ends can be tied together for added security

- One size fits most humans - adjuster shortens strap

- Safety Latch to ensure pet stays attached to carrier

Recommended for calm toy and small dog breeds under 10 pounds

Welcome to the world of Maxbone! Dogs make people happy. That is the foundation for what has become LA based maxbone: a modern pet destination for the modern pet lover. Their mission is quite simple: empowering pets and pet owners through their digital platform where everything they make starts with you. Truly, nothing makes us happier than making you and your dog happy—and showing the world what a pet company can be.


Dried Blackberry, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Seaweed, Sage, Thyme, Reishi, Organic Spirulina

Ground Seeds: (Pumpkin & Sunflower) Ground seeds are more easily digestible and absorbable, making your life easier. They also contain Vitamin E, frequently a missing vitamin in homemade diets.

Herbs: Herbs are so undervalued in nutrition, packed with vitamin K also minerals like magnesium, zinc, and copper. Herbs are natural dewormers.

Seaweed: Provides the iodine that supports healthy thyroid function.

Organic Spirulina: Research has shown spirulina to provide immune support by relieving or preventing food intolerances.

Reishi Mushroom: A superfood, the best immune support possible.

Simply sprinkle on top of your dog's food, and serve!

Your dog will love you even more!


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